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Four low-impact tackling ideas for return to play

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With the contact rugby not far away, you will be planning some form of tackling practice to fit into your training sessions. In these unusual times, you might find yourself almost reteaching tackling for some players. Even for more experienced players, they will need time to rediscover the safe, efficient and effective techniques and skills.... MORE

From drawing board to super-charged: top skills transfer

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In Jason Tee and Mike Ashford's e-learning course, Turn your game model into a training session, they set out how you can solve a performance problem. For example, how would you improve your double tacking or quick ruck ball or passing out of the tackle. They suggest you break down coaching the problem into four stages. Depending on your current players' understanding, you can start your next training session at any one of those stages. MORE

How to “sit down” a defender

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Putting a defender into a weak tackling position allows the attacker to either win the contact situation or fix them to pass onto a player in a better position. Here’s how to “sit down” a defender. “Sitting down” is where an attacker makes a defender plant their feet and stop moving forward. In other words, the defender rocks back onto their heels and looks as if they are “sitting down” on a chair. MORE

Quick reaction tackling

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If the tackler can get in front of the ball carrier just before the tackle, it’s easier to make shoulder contact. Young players in particular will benefit from this skill. This session develops simple defensive tracking skills so the defender gets in front of the attacker to make a two-handed touch. If they can do this, they should be in a good position to make a full tackle. MORE

Nine lives: quick thinking skills training

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Quick thinking skills plus pressure often equals inaccurate execution. Use these three exercises to see if your players can complete the job, even if it doesn’t look pretty. Encourage your players not to just go through the motions in training. Demand high standards. MORE

Four ways to un-unfit lockdown players

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Returning to rugby is so exciting. But, like a hungry child who drinks too many fizzy drinks before a meal starts, we are in danger of blowing out our players in their first session and spoiling their feast.Instead, find the challenge points to give them the right opportunities to rediscover their pre-lockdown fitness levels. MORE

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