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40 ways to make your team stand out in...

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Now we are back into the swing of the season again, it’s time to give our training fresh impetus. Here are 40 of our latest sessions, activities, games, tactics and coaching advice to give you momentum. We’ve split it into: handling, attack, contact, defence, kicking, coaching, games, set piece and mini rugby. Handling VIDEO: Handling... MORE

Three man D

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A basic defensive system works around the cohesion of units of three players. If the players drift apart, any defensive line can be breached with good pace and angles by the attack. Of course the attack will attempt to disrupt the unit, so this session works on keeping the three defenders together in different attack situations. MORE

Receive and score 2

Receive and score

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Developing a positive attacking mindset can affect your opponents psychologically. At kick offs, the chasing team does not expect you to open out and attack straight away. They may also be following up in an uncoordinated manner. Take advantage of these opportunities and punish their lackadaisical attitude. MORE

Tackle and recover

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Complete the tackle by getting back into position to challenge for the ball, but under pressure. Know the tackle rights but also what the referee looks for. The tackler can’t enter the tackle contest from any angle. They must come through the “gate”, just any other player. They can also easily be penalised if they goes... MORE

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