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VIDEO: Learning to tackle with walking the line

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Tacklers need to feel confident that the right technique works. This is more difficult when they are practising with static targets. Part of the reason why a ball carrier goes to ground is that they are unbalanced, and so it's much easier to bring a moving player down to the ground. MORE

How to improve wrap up and attacker and increase chances of turnovers 3

Wrap up and turnover

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Wrapping up the ball carrier in a smother tackle stops them passing or presenting the ball on their terms. It also slows the attack down, letting your defence get organised. There is the added opportunity to regain the ball if the tackler can pull the player down and turn them to your side. MORE

How to execute the dummy scissorts pass 1

Dummy scissors pass

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Dummy scissors pass (DSP) is a simple move that can be used by all the players, not just the back line. It is still used by the top sides in a number of situations. These teams have added extra decoy runners and other variations, but at the core is the DSP. This move will add an attacking edge to your team from all phases. MORE

Get to grips with the ball

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The better your players can carry the ball, the more chance they’ll be able to retain it in contact or pass it under pressure. So help them improve their holding and handling skills with these five top tips… MORE

Attacking the defence: Exploiting a fast number 8

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A fast number 8 can be launched off the back of the scrum into the backline. Here’s how to exploit this. Place three tackle tubes in a T-Shape (or use cones or ruck pads). Have your number 8 (or any forward) stand at the bottom of the T with a defender on the right-hand side... MORE

Tackle reaction

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Coming in the defensive line at speed needs the players to react to possible changes in angles by attackers or late entry into the line. Use this activity to work on awareness and footwork… Good line speed tends to increase pressure on the attack but it can cause problems for the defenders unless they can react quickly to last moment changes in the attackers. This activity keeps defenders on their toes and moving forward MORE

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