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Second touches: a key essential of support

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Passers must keep themselves in the game, especially to support a possible offload. Second touches help players have a more defined role in the play. Second touches is a term that describes the action of a player working off the ball after a pass to receive the ball again. This is generally from a loop or run around, where the ball carrier passes the ball and then moves around a second attacker to receive it again. MORE

No escape 1 v 1

in Rugby drills

By slightly disrupting the starting points for players, they don’t have so much time to focus on the process, which means more game realistic outcomes for tackling and attacking footwork. Lots of tackling in a small area works on technique and confidence. It also works on go forward skills. ACTIVITY   Put two players between... MORE

Offload options

in Passing & Handling, Rugby drills

Build your team’s offloading skills in a game-related way so the passer and receiver can start to understand their options. We know a simple offloading game can devastate defences. The players need the skills and the confidence to know how to offload and when to offload. MORE

Block pass run

in Attack

Use this activity to work on options to attack the line flat or pull the pass back to a player who is running wider into space. This is a tough decision-making exercise because players have to make late passing decisions, while receivers have to time their runs to find the gaps. MORE

Catch me if you can 3

Catch me if you can

in Footwork and evasion, Passing & Handling, Practice plans

Play a game of six versus six and give the attacking team two balls. Strategically the attack should split themselves into two groups as should the defence, the decision making and spatial awareness will become apparent as the game develops. Once a try is scored everyone focuses on the remaining ball. Start with touch rugby before developing into full contact. MORE

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