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How to create extra yards when going forward 2

Make extra yards in the ‘step zone’

in Attack, Practice plans

In very close quarters, the ball carrier can make extra yards by moving to the side of his opponent as long as he is still moving forward. Use this “step zone” to encourage both go forward and stepping. Measure the player on distance made as well as beating the opposite player completely. MORE

John Mitchell on creating quicker ruck ball

in Attack, Rucking & Mauling, Tactics

It is not the “clean” but the ball placement, and what goes before, that is the most important skill to work on in the ruck. Accuracy before and into the contact area and great execution are more important than “emotional” rucking. FOCUS Excellent ball placement comes from ball freedom. The supporting players must know their... MORE

How to coach rucking and beyond 3

Rucking and beyond

in Practice plans, Rucking & Mauling

Players need to focus on roles beyond their specific job such as what to do once a ruck is won or lost. This session teaches them to be in the right place to respond rapidly to improve continuity of possession and defensive systems. MORE

Your three-week tackle tonic

in Rugby drills, Tackling

You’re deep into the season and your team’s tackling is looking ragged. How do you reinvigorate the players? It’s time to initiate a programme of exercises to bring your defence back up to speed… MORE

How to improve stepping before passing 2

Step and pass in attack

in Contact, Footwork and evasion, Practice plans

One of the simplest “weapons” in your attackers’ armoury is the “step and pass”. Here the ball carrier runs toward the defender and, at the last moment before making contact, steps to one side and passes the ball back into the space he has just run from. Meanwhile, a support player is running into the space to receive the ball. MORE

Cover and contest

in Kicking & Catching

Help your backs communicate, cover and then compete for the high ball under pressure. Creating match-like scenarios develops their ability to identify which areas to cover when receiving kicks. MORE

How to coach your players to fight for the 50/50 balls 2


in Attack, Contact, Practice plans

Do your players have the courage to fight for every 50/50 ball? When the ball is on the ground, players need to react aggressively to win it – before driving forward. MORE

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