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Warm up with rondos, the grid game, prison break...

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Here are four great warm-up games to energise your players while working on skills and decision-making. Notice that I'm keen to showcase player-led activities for warm-up games. This is a good chance to build more cohesion amongst the players, while you are still providing a certain amount of control on the direction of the session.  MORE

How to to be aggressive in contact and present the ball 3

Get it back

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Being aggressive in the tackle and presenting the ball well will create quicker ball at the ruck. This session focuses on how your players take contact if they can’t avoid it. Winning the contest at the breakdown is a fundamental piece of your core unit skills. MORE

Turn tackling into defence

in Defence

Players must work on their individual technique whilst cooperating with their team mates to reduce the options for the attack. This session develops this mindset. A tackler is part of the whole defence. A defence is not always breached because a tackle has been missed, but because a space is not covered. MORE

Close support, attack and defence

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Work on the roles and skills of the attackers and defenders closest to the tackle area in a tight space. This activity puts the players in game-like situations to look for solutions. Though there are some principles to follow, this activity will give the players an opportunity to try out different ideas. Expect messy outcomes. MORE

Curves and jumps

in Footwork and evasion

Improve your players’ footwork as they run forward, so they beat opposition players, or at least create a chance for a good offload in contact. This is a simple session to set up and can be adjusted easily to suit the stages of your players’ development. MORE

Defensive curves

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When the defence is outnumbered, it has to drift with the pass. It still has to go forward, but has to curve out at the same time. This session works on those curves. Defensive systems aim to cut down the time and space for the attack, even when they have to drift out. MORE

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