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How to improve support play 2

Solid support

in Attack, Practice plans

Often, the ball carrier’s closest support comes from the player who has just passed the ball, or the player who might next receive it. Neither are particularly well placed to support from depth, so this session helps them move into positions to provide the most effective help in the contact area. MORE

Drive, recycle, support

in Attack, Rugby drills

There’s no point fixing defenders unless the support is there to take the pass. So use this drill to help players draw and pass after they’ve won a ruck – it will teach them to get back into the game quickly. This activity will develop your players’ match-time appreciation as they get back into the... MORE

How to improve defending through communication and grouping 2

Line protectors

in Defence, Practice plans

Build a team defence ethic by having players defend in threes and fours. This session is far more practical than simple “line, shout and up” type exercises, because during a match there are so many situations to cover. Players will have to cover both narrow and wide spaces, improving their tackling and communication. MORE

A bolt from the blue

in Attack, Rugby drills

Blocker plays like this one doesn’t have to be the preserve of international teams. It’s easy to set up and practise, so use this decoy activity to confuse the opposition and engineer an overlap out wide. MORE

Rehearse your blocker lines

in Attack, Rugby drills

Encourage players to run penetrating lines in this attack session. Effective blocker lines require lots of practice and will help players make the right passing choice depending on how a defence reacts. MORE

Upping the tempo

in Attack, Rugby drills

Turning defence into attack very suddenly can bring a match-changing shift in momentum. Players need to react quickly, both in attack and defence, so use this frenetic activity to activate their minds. MORE

Proper neck warm ups

in Fitness & Conditioning

Coaches need to take precautions with their players’ necks to prevent injury and ensure longer careers. Dr Sally Lark, a sports rehabilitation expert, explains the misconceptions and what you should be doing. Rugby players suffer from poor neck motion compared to other athletes – and forwards are far worse off than backs. That’s the conclusion... MORE

How to win quicker ruck ball 2

Quicker ruck ball guaranteed

in Contact, Practice plans, Rucking & Mauling

If all your players follow this session, you will win quicker ruck ball – I guarantee it. The idea behind the session is simple. The more players who arrive in the contact area at below the hip height of a standing player, the more effective your team’s rucking will be. MORE

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