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Defensive scramble

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Develop the skills to cover an attack which might be outflanking your defence. This activity works on the choices to come forward or track back. If your team is in danger of being outflanked in attack, what do they do? In many cases, teams sacrifice territory by scrambling backwards across the field allowing them to... MORE

Onto the fringe and into the fire

in Defence, Rugby drills

One of the most difficult things to teach a group of players is their ability to change from a defensive mindset to an attacking one effectively. Here is an activity that does just that. Make the players think that they need to defend as an organised unit and then be able to attack at pace when the ball is turned over. It’s not going to be easy. MORE

Box shape attack

in Attack

Mix up forwards and backs in attacks from rucks by running a box formation. Have two players at the front and two at the back. The ball carrier has multiple options to pass to when he attacks the line. MORE

Positive framing is the way forward to 2021

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Make a negative into a positive. For example, "I need to see everyone's eyes on me" is better than "Some of us aren't paying attention". Immediately we are focusing on doing something well. We are avoiding "not", "don't" and "stop". Instead, we are firmly stating where we want to go. That's why I'm thinking forward to 2021. Framing it positively, I'm looking to do more good actions. I'm not looking back on went wrong, why it went wrong and stopping myself doing what went wrong. MORE

Get ready for a safer rugby experience in 2021

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Here’s a headline that’s not going to get your players back to training quickly: Tackling and Fitness Training. However, as we focus on safety and reducing the exposure to a concussion, all the most recent data suggests we need to have better-prepared players. In particular, the fitter the player, the stronger they are, and more... MORE

Latching on through the tackle

in Contact

More and more teams are doubling up on the ball carrier, with another attacker latching (binding) on to drive him through contact. Here’s a simple exercise to develop the skill. Two players taking the ball into contact bound together means more power and weight, plus the non-ball carrier can protect and support quickly. It’s a good play against an organised defence. MORE

Around the corner two-step defence

in Defence

Following on from last week’s defence exercise, replicate moving across to the pitch to defend from a slow or quick ruck. It’s a matching up then coming forward exercise. Defenders have to scan what’s in front of them whilst running across the pitch to get to the next ruck. They have to number up and adjust quickly. Once the ball is out, the outside defenders must close down the space in front of them. This session develops these ideas. MORE

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