Offloads – basics to game execution

Offloading out of contact is a major attacking tool because it keeps the ball alive and puts opponents under stress. Take your offload basics from walking to running to pressure in this imaginative practice.

  1. Walk through the main skill of “palm-up” offloading.
  2. Have a carrier and support player working together.
  3. The carrier moves a ball from two hands to one, works his feet and then uses one arm to fend an imaginary defender.
  4. Note that the arm is bent for the fend.
  5. He then passes either around the front of his body or to the side of it. The palm is always up.
  6. Make sure players are comfortable with this skill.

  1. Next, split into threes.
  2. One player acts as a tackler, one as ball carrier, one as support player.
  3. At walking pace, the carrier steps to one side of the tackler, who makes a shorts’ grab.
  4. The carrier fends and offloads to the support player.
  5. Repeat several times and then swap roles. Increase the pace as skills improve.

  1. Then play “double touch”, with six or seven a side.
  2. The ball carrier should pass after he’s two-handed touched once.
  3. The ball carrier can’t score after the first touch and so must offload.
  4. If he’s touched again, it’s a turnover.


  • Keep the palm under the ball when passing.
  • Use footwork in front of the defender and go for the space.
  • Use a “snap fend” on the tackler – that is, bend then extend the arm just before contact

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