Master the off-balance offload

Develop the ability to pass out of contact by getting your players to offload while they’re off-balance – like they would do in a real tackle situation. Focus on two-handed offloads in this snappy session.

Since most offloads are made off-balance, work on players bouncing forward on one foot. This will help them learn how to manipulate their bodies and hands to pass.

  1. A feeder passes to another player.
  2. The receiver hops forward (on same leg) and passes to a support player.
  3. He should pass within a 4m channel.
  4. Turn and repeat, this time working on the other foot.
  5. Swap directions of the passes and then swap personnel.

  1. Then, in another box, a feeder passes to an attacker who runs out and away from a defender.
  2. A support player, who starts 3m behind, runs up on his inside.
  3. The carrier passes inside after contact.
  4. Make the defender tackle at shorts’ height to start with.

  1. Finish with groups of three working through a channel, with three defenders spaced evenly along it.
  2. The attackers use passing, offloads and footwork to get to the end of the channel.
  3. If a player makes a mistake, his whole group now becomes the defenders.


  • Turn shoulders to pass.
  • Work to the edges of the defenders.
  • Drive through the defenders before you pass.
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