Make your 9 a master passer

The scrum half needs to execute different types of pass in the blink of an eye. So work the three main passes by the 9 in quick rotation – clearance pass, pull back and pass and, finally, a scoot and pass.

Ensure the basics are in place for the typical clearance pass so that it’s quick enough to beat the defence. Then mix it in with the other typical 9 passes.

  1. Start by checking the set-up of a clearance pass, with the correct ball and foot placement, plus a low sweep towards the target.
  2. ONE: Ball too close to back foot. Makes it a laboured pass and increases risk of beinginterfered with.
  3. TWO: Ball nearer to back foot than front foot. Allows good sweep with chest over the ball.
  4. THREE: Ball too close to front foot. Makes it hard to generate power.

  1. Next, kneel behind the tackle tube with balls next to you.
  2. A 9 approaches the tube.
  3. Place a ball on the ground on his side of the tube and call a type of pass.
  4. He performs that pass to a receiver.
  5. Get the 9 coming from the side of the tube from different-coloured cones.

  1. On the pull-out pass, put pressure on him by swiping your hand in.
  2. Work on both hands, focusing on him arriving square.
  3. The clearance pass from the ground needs the chest to be over the ball.


  • Always arrive square.
  • Clearance pass: chest over the ball, ball near back foot, lead foot pointing to receiver, follow hands through to receiver.
  • Pull-out pass: step back and pass, not across.
  • Scoot: attack where their second ruck defender might be, square up before passing.
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