Lineout lifter booster

Power up your lineout lifters with top techniques straight from the gym. In this exercise, lifters compete in a throwing competition before replicating the powerful thrust needed to lift a jumper.

The chest press uses all the big muscle groups to drive a heavy weight upwards. Use this dynamic lift – with a little bit extra – to make your jumpers fly into the air.

  1. Start by having players “chest pass” an object – such as a ball, ruck pad or medicine ball – as far as they can.
  2. They start with two feet slightly spread, half a step behind a cone.
  3. They launch the object forward with two hands from the chest, bouncing forward onto two feet level with the cone.
  4. Compete to see who throws the furthest.

  1. Next, put two players on cones about 3m either side of a tackle tube, and 3m back from it.
  2. The tackle tube represents a jumper in a lineout.
  3. They walk in and then square up to the tube before lifting it.

  1. If they can, they should propel it up so that it goes above their grasp, and they’re on tiptoes, before catching it on the way down.
  2. Although they wouldn’t do this to a jumper in the game, it helps develop their dynamic power for a fast lift.
  3. The head should face forward and they should lock their shoulders to give themselves maximum power.
  4. The players should power up from the legs.
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