Timing your box kicks

The attacking box kick is a much-used tactic at the top level so grassroots coaches should be looking to use it as a means of exerting pressure and gaining territory.

Why use it

A box kick can be used as a contestable attacking kick in the opposition half and even if they do gather it, you have a chance to counter ruck.

Set up

Kick from within 2 to 15m of the touchline. Start off with a coned-off 10m square and a coned-off setpiece and finish with three coned-off 10m squares.

Timing your box kicks

How to do it

Put a 9 behind a coned-off ruck/scrum/lineout. He sets himself to box kick to the 10m square (see picture 1). The kick should be in the air for 3 to 4 seconds (“hang time”). Then add a defender who the 9 tries to clear and a chaser. This will help with the timing and distance (see picture 2). Finally, ask the 9 to try out a shorter kick (chip), a lower kick that bounces (chox) as well as a normal kick (box) using the 10m squares (see picture 3).


  • Aim to land the ball in the 5-15m lineout lines.
  • Keep shoulders parallel with the near touchline (rightfooted kicker).
  • Head down and after the kick, pivot on the non-kicking foot and walk a few steps, directly towards the intended line of flight/landing.
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