Sweet spot kicking

U13–U16 | KICKING 1

Get your players punting the ball accurately

  1. Initially organise players into groups of four with a ball. Tell them to kick the ball to each other, making sure they use the correct part of the foot (bony) and strike the ball in the “sweet spot”.

Hitting the sweet spot

  1. When players are confident in their kicking, mark out an area about 40m x 30m. Split each group of four into two pairs and position the pairs so that they’re facing each other across the area.
  2. Use cones to mark out a 5m circular target zone about 5m in front of each pair. Players take it in turns to kick across the area into the target zone – get them challenging each other to see who can be most consistent in terms of distance kicked and accuracy.

Sweet spot kicking 1

  1. If your players are consistent and accurate with their kicking, the next stage is kicking for a wide player who runs and tries to catch the ball. Have a player kicking towards a target zone and another player running from distance to reach the target zone and catch the ball. Again you are looking for accuracy and distance control.

Sweet spot kicking 2

You will need

  • A 40m x 30m area
  • Balls
  • Cones
  • Tackle tubes

Got more players?

Get as many players kicking to each other as space will allow.

What to tell your players

“Drop the ball onto the foot”
“Kick through the sweet spot”
“Follow through towards target”

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