Play Mortars for kick-offs

Help your team’s kick-off chase and receipt with this fun Dutch game – it’s suitable for players aged 12 and above. Dutch grassroots’ Ritchard Kelliher created it to reinforce his core messages on attack.

Mortars is a kick-off game where players learn to chase and get under the ball before the opposition, and receivers aim to make a clean catch.

  1. Each team gets into a corner box.
  2. The attacking team decides which coloured team they’ll attack.

  1. The attacking team’s kicker drop-kicks into the chosen opposition’s square.
  2. His team chases the ball and tries to get under it before the opposition.

  1. If the ball hits the ground within the opposition square, that team is out.
  2. If a player knocks on or drops the ball, his team is out.
  3. If an attacker manages to catch the ball within the opposition’s square, ALL the opposition teams are out.
  4. If the ball doesn’t reach the square or overshoots it, the attacking team is out.
  5. Each round continues until only one team remains. That team gets a point and the ball passes to the next team.
  6. Whichever team has the most points after 20 minutes wins.


  • Kicker: land the ball so it bounces towards you.
  • Chase aggressively to try to force an opposition error.
  • Run efficient running lines. Judge where the ball will drop and attack that space.
  • Eyes on the ball.
  • Keep talking.
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