Kicking & Catching

It’s worth coaching rugby kicking skills as early as possible, even if your young players are not allowed to kick during games yet. By the time kicking is introduced into the game, the youngsters will have a well-developed set of core skills and a basic tactical understanding of when to kick. Use the following rugby coaching tips and drills to help. And, of course, any catching drills are going to be worthwhile as they’ll soon be faced with some up and unders too!

Coach a rugby goalkick routine

For consistent results from goal kicking you need to kick the ball the same way every time. Players should develop routines they feel comfortable with and a key rugby coaching tip is to sing a song, hum or whistle just before the kick. This might sound mad but it modulates breathing and helps players relax […]

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Rugby coaching drill for kick offs

You are guaranteed at least one kick off chase and one receipt in every game. Since they can define the way the game is going to proceed, kick offs are an important aspect to spend time on during your training drills. Use the following rugby coaching tips to organise and run a 30 minute training […]

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