Kicking & Catching

Ground control

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This session thrives on the odd directions a rugby ball takes when it rolls along the ground and how the players react to it. It will improve footwork and reaction skills. The players are reacting to a bobbling ball that might shoot out of the side of a ruck or be knocked back from a lineout, or be because of a dropped pass. MORE

How to counter attack 2

Counter attack

in Kicking & Catching, Practice plans

Counter attack is becoming a more common aspect of the game as teams refuse to kick for touch, but instead kicked for territory. This simple session helps the players discover ways to counter attack. It should be a standard session for every season. MORE

Grubber targets 3

Grubber targets

in Kicking & Catching, Practice plans

The grubber kick can unlock tight defences, but only if it is executed well and used at the right time. Developing the technical skills needed can be done in a closed training environment. But developing the understanding of when to use the kick is best learned through playing kicking games in training. MORE

How to improve fielding the ball from a kick 2


in Kicking & Catching, Practice plans

Any player may need to catch the high ball. Usually forwards from the kick off, backs from open play. The principles of “fielding” the catch include being aware of your support players and thinking what to do next. This session builds on those principles. MORE

Real kicks to find space

in Kicking & Catching

Build up the skill to kick accurately and then kick to where the defence are not. Often kicks in open field are aimless. In this session, challenge the players first to kick to where they intend to, and then to kick to where the defence are not. In other words, look before kicking. MORE

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