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Receive and score 2

Receive and score

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Developing a positive attacking mindset can affect your opponents psychologically. At kick offs, the chasing team does not expect you to open out and attack straight away. They may also be following up in an uncoordinated manner. Take advantage of these opportunities and punish their lackadaisical attitude. MORE

Box it under pressure: game tester

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Clear your lines from a ruck or scrum by the side of the pitch with a contestable kick for your winger to chase. Also good from a quick turnover and an excellent tactic on rainy days to return the pressure. When a 9 kicks from the back of ruck or scrum into the space behind the opposition, it’s called a box kick. It’s normally contestable by the chasers, so needs height. Plus, the 9 needs the correct foot work so he isn’t blocked. MORE

Counter attack training

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Work on the counter-attacking options from kicks with your back three (two wingers and full back) for 10 minutes each session. Aim to move the ball away from trouble, with passing, running or kicks. MORE

How to improve chasing the kick off 3

Squeeze the receivers

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A good chase from a kick off can put pressure on the opposition at a crucial moment in the game. Either from the start of a half or when your team has gone a score down, you can squeeze the opposition into a narrow area with few options to break out. This session works on that tactic. MORE

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