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Chip, chase, score

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Your team needs to be able to score in a variety of ways using different methods, as sometimes phase play and handling will only take you so far against a quality defence, especially those that blitz. The chip and chase can be a very useful option. MORE

How to improve the kicking game 3

Perfect kicks

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Plenty of your players come to rugby with some kicking ability from sports like soccer and then, with practice, become efficient kickers of the rugby ball. Work on their specific technique so they can develop that natural ability into a repeatable, accurate skill under pressure. MORE

How to execute an exit strategy and improve kicking 3

Clearance kicks

in Kicking & Catching, Practice plans

A kick out of the 22 is known as a “clearance kick”. It does not have to go into touch but does need to take the ball as far up the pitch as possible. In this session, the kick will come after a pass, so the kicker needs to learn how to receive the ball, adjust and kick, sometimes in only a few strides. The session aims to increase the confidence of kickers to make long, accurate kicks. MORE

Beat the rush: Draw then kick

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Outfox rush defences by drawing them onto you then kicking front foot ball behind them to win back possession and maintain go forward. With the increased use of aggressive rushing defences denying the attack space and time, new solutions are always being sought. MORE

Luck of the bounce

in Kicking & Catching

Create another option in attack by developing a short chip and chase. The variability of the bounce will dictate what happens next, so your players can experiment with their option taking. MORE

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