Kicking & Catching

Contestable kicks contest

in Kicking & Catching

Develop your players’ ability to jump to catch a high ball under pressure. This session aims to give your players more confidence. A jump to catch a high ball is not just a vertical jump. The player has to be moving into the space in front of them to dominate the situation. MORE

Target practice

in Kicking & Catching

Avoid aimless kicking from your kickers. Give them targets and then, as they develop, make them look to kick to space and adjust to before they kick. Help players develop their understanding of how to receive a pass so they can be in a good position to kick to where they want. MORE

Attacking out of the tramlines

in Kicking & Catching, Rugby drills

Develop the skills and tactics to return the ball from kicks to the sides of the pitch, between the 15m and 5m lines. A cross kick can isolate the defending winger. He needs to use kicking and running skills to avoid being caught away from his support. MORE

Restart shootout

in Attack, Girls/Womens, Kicking & Catching

This small-sided game is ideal to work on players kick chase and keeping the ball alive in attack. You can use this as a standalone skills game or have it as a platform to launch a bigger game of touch and pass from. Thanks to Simon Parsons, Women and Girls Director of Rugby for Tunbridge Wells RFC and Kent U15s Girls Head Coach for this activity. MORE

Better kickers using rugby rounders

in Kicking & Catching, Small-sided games

Develop rugby rounders into a skills development game specifically aimed at improving kicking techniques and tactics. While there are also good outcomes for catching and passing, I want to focus on the precision of the connection between ball and boot and then finding space with the kick. MORE

Three column counter attacks

in Attack, Kicking & Catching

Develop a long passing counter-attack game which includes accurate kicking, fielding and moving the ball to space out of your 22. Use this whole pitch exercise to work on the right skills. In a territorial kicking game, your backfield cover needs to be confident to field kicks, pass long and either kick long or run back. MORE

Pressure jumps

in Kicking & Catching

Create the desire to win the ball in the air, for kick-offs, high balls and lineouts. This session creates jumping and catching challenges for different situations. Let the players discover what works for them and try out lots of scenarios. GAME 1 Stand 5m away from two players who are side by side in a... MORE

Perfect punting

in Core skills, Kicking & Catching

Work on your kickers’ specific technique so they can develop their natural kicking ability into a repeatable, accurate skill under pressure. An ideal session to run and then encourage players to use as homework. Challenge the players to practise with their stronger and their weaker foot. MORE

How to catch and secure high balls 3

High jinx

in Kicking & Catching, Passing & Handling, Practice plans

Most players in the team will have to catch a high ball at some stage, whether from a kick and chase, kick off or drop out restart. And if they are not involved in catching, they alternatively will have to support the catcher. Though primarily aimed at the back three, this session has benefits for all players. MORE

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