How you should be practising kicking

Kicking is something you would rarely do in training but it is such a big part of the game it pays dividends to get it right. Use this session to perfect your teams kicks.

Why use it

To go forward, gain territory, put your opponents under pressure – and score tries.

Set Up

A 40m x 30m box, several balls, cones and two tackle tubes.

How you should be practising kicking

How to do it

Initially organise players into groups of four with a ball. Tell them to kick the ball with the correct part of the foot (bony) and strike the ball in the “sweet spot” (see picture 1).

Split the four so two pairs face each other across the box. Target zones are laid out with cones. Players take it in turns to kick for distance and accuracy (see picture 2).

The next stage is kicking for a wide player who runs and tries to catch the ball. Again you are looking for accuracy and distance control. A tackle tube can be added into the target areas to create a bit of pressure on the catcher (see picture 3).


  • Hold the ball properly so the sweet spot is hit each time for distance, trajectory and accuracy
  • Drop the ball onto foot, don’t throw it up.


The ability to kick the ball into the right spaces is hard enough at the top level. Be prepared for some chaotic kicking, with balls flying in all directions. If possible, have a least one other coach or helper to keep control.

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