Chip kicks for attacking advantage

Chip kicks are the new attacking weapon on the block. Use them to cut through organised defences and score more tries. The more you can practise them in varied situations, the more confident your team will be to employ them under pressure in matches.

Why use it

Your team needs to be able to score in a variety of ways using different methods, as sometimes phase play and handling will only take you so far against a quality defence, especially those that blitz. The chip and chase can be a very useful option.

Set up

A 20m x 15m box, one ball per pair.

Chip kicks for attacking advantage

How to do it

Play 1v1. The attacker runs towards the defender, chips the ball over him and regathers before scoring on the line (see picture 1). Then play 2v2, chipping for a team mate to run onto and score (see picture 2). Finish with a 6v6 touch game looking to score using the chip (see picture 3).


  • Perform this activity at pace as catching the chip at this speed will outpace any defenders who try and turn to get back.
  • The kicker looks to see the space behind the defender is free, ensuring he pulls the defence towards him without the kick being charged down.

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