8 in the box

Often your number 8 is the ideal player to cover a box kick when the opposition are clearing their lines or sending your kick-off back. Practise his options and make him think.

Why use it

Offer your 8 a running or passing option after making a jumping or static catch in the deep.

8 in the box

How to do it

Put an 8 at the back of the box with two chasers and a kicker at the other end. There are also two support players – one in the box and one outside (see picture 1).

A box kick is sent towards the 8, who has to catch the ball (see picture 2) and either pass or run with it. The chasers aim to catch or disrupt the 8. The support players help secure the ball. The options on what sort of catch are determined by the length and height of the kick. The 8 either runs for a gap or passes to the sude support player who constantly communicates (see picture 3). Change the length of the box to suit your players. Change the set up so the touchline is on the left of the receiver and then the right.


  • Call for the ball
  • Run onto the ball and jump to catch if needed
  • Face the shoulders to either touchline
  • Hands high and towards the ball to bring it into the chest
  • Listen to the supporters’ help as to where the chasers are coming from.
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