6 and 2 Game

This exercise promotes game understanding. It’s an organised kick and chase for one side, while the other side must use their extra possession to gain field position and exert pressure.

What you need for this game

  • 20 Players
  • 1 Ball
  • 6 Cones


Use cones to mark out a playing area measuring 60m x 40m. Use more cones to mark a halfway line, and use both ends as try lines, as shown.


This game should be played to regular two-handed touch rugby rules.

What you do as coach

Divide your players into two teams of 10. Nominate a team to begin as attackers and give them the ball.

On your whistle, the attackers start the game by taking a tap from the halfway line, with the defenders positioned 10m back in their own half.

When tackled (two-handed touch), the attacking ball carrier must drop down on to his stomach and then get back up before restarting play by rolling the ball through his legs, at which point the defending team must move back 10m.

For 10 minutes, team 1 has six plays when in possession and team 2 has just two plays.

The unequal allocation of plays means that team 2 will need to organise their kicking game to great effect, and team 1 must look to limit team 2’s kicking options and get in a position to use their six plays to try and score.

6 and 2 Game-1

  • 10-a-side.
  • Start with tap from halfway.
  • Drop to floor when tackled.
  • Play for 10 minutes.
  • Team 1 has six plays in possession, team 2 has two plays.
  • Observe: Team 2 have just two plays at a time, so they need a kicking strategy that will gain them good field positions and chances to score. Can they do it?
  • Note: Even though they have much more possession, are team 1 able to show the awareness and organisation needed to stifle team 2’s kicking threat?
  • Call out: Let team 1 know that their defensive line needs to show good speed if they are to limit team 2’s kicking options.


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