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It’s worth coaching rugby kicking skills as early as possible, even if your young players are not allowed to kick during games yet. By the time kicking is introduced into the game, the youngsters will have a well-developed set of core skills and a basic tactical understanding of when to kick. Use the following rugby coaching tips and drills to help. And, of course, any catching drills are going to be worthwhile as they’ll soon be faced with some up and unders too!

The hand catch: Passing games to increase skills

The hand catch: Passing games to increase skills

in Kicking & Catching

Catching the ball properly is essential in development – and the foundation for this is set at mini rugby level. With younger players there are a number of problems you can quickly identify in their hand catch technique: • Catching the ball against their body. • The ball being passed too firmly, so difficult to... MORE

Run backs-1

Run backs

in Kicking & Catching, Small-sided games

This game develops quick thinking and ways to move the ball to space from unusual positions. Because most of the attack are running the wrong way to start with, they will face different problems than they’d normally expect, but also new opportunities to beat the defence. MORE

Catch and go-1

Catch and go

in Kicking & Catching, Small-sided games

Long kicks are very much a part of any team’s attacking strategy, so your wingers and full back need to know their positioning. Your midfield players also need to understand how to support the counter attack. MORE

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