Kicking & Catching

It’s worth coaching rugby kicking skills as early as possible, even if your young players are not allowed to kick during games yet. By the time kicking is introduced into the game, the youngsters will have a well-developed set of core skills and a basic tactical understanding of when to kick. Use the following rugby coaching tips and drills to help. And, of course, any catching drills are going to be worthwhile as they’ll soon be faced with some up and unders too!

Drop kick restarts

in Kicking & Catching

Good drop kick restarts allow your team to put pressure on the opposition. This simple exercise helps develop more players who can use this skill. Not enough time is spent on this simple skill. Especailly for younger players, they need to work their way through the set up and technique to complete a drop kick restart. MORE

Repeatable out-of-hand kicks

in Kicking & Catching, Rugby drills

Work on your kicker’s specific out-of-hand technique so they can develop that natural ability into a repeatable, accurate skill under pressure. Ideal to use a session the players can then go and use themselves, before or outside training time. MORE

Aerial noughts and crosses

in Kicking & Catching, Small-sided games

Improve your kicking with a game of aerial noughts and crosses. Teams take it in turns to kick the ball and aim to drop it in a square which marks their nought or cross. Aerial noughts and crosses gives your players a chance to make accurate kicks with additional tactical pressures as you build the game.  MORE

Kick-off skills in 10 minutes

in Kicking & Catching

Try this 10-minute session for your kick-off specialists. An accurate and consistent kick-off strategy can be very hard for opponents to defend against.  It can hand your team a territorial advantage, put the opposition under pressure and even force a turnover.  But having a kick-off team tactic is no good if the kicker cannot execute... MORE

The speculator 2

The speculator

in Kicking & Catching, Passing & Handling, Practice plans

This session concentrates on players kicking a ball ahead on the ground. They have to control it, gather it and score, as they might when pouncing on a loose pass from the defence for instance. They might have to dribble the ball, or pick up and pass it. Any player may be in this situation and it will be a good source of tries over the season. MORE

Attack back with purpose

in Attack, Kicking & Catching

Make more of poor opposition kicks with this session. Also, work on what your defence might do when you do make a poor kicking decision. Most matches have poor kicks. Use these training scenarios to practise your team’s reactions and decision making. MORE

Contestable kicks contest

in Kicking & Catching

Develop your players’ ability to jump to catch a high ball under pressure. This session aims to give your players more confidence. A jump to catch a high ball is not just a vertical jump. The player has to be moving into the space in front of them to dominate the situation. MORE

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