Hinge to the trigger

This is a great high-energy drill to use before moving on to lineout plays later in your unit session. It’s a competitive activity to develop lifters’ reaction times and technique, both in attack and defence.

Lifters can react to the movement of opposition lifters to know when to send up their own jumpers. The “hinger” is the player in the middle of two jumpers, who can turn either way to lift.

  1. Put three defending lifters and three attacking lifters between two tackle tubes each.
  2. The tubes should be about 3m apart.
  3. When you shout “go”, the two lifting teams compete to see who’s quicker in lifting the tube.
  4. They use a pre-planned move.
  5. In the picture above, each hinger simply moves to one of the pads to lift. Next, increase the gap between the tubes.


  1. In the picture above, the attacking hinger dummies and the back lifter runs around to lift the front tube.

  1. Develop further by adding another tube and lifter for each group.
  2. Finally, have both sides walk into the line of tubes before they move to lift.


  • Fast feet to the tubes.
  • Good leg bend to lift.
  • Lock the shoulders at the end of the lift.
  • Look “neutral” in attack – don’t give away where you’re going to move to.
  • In defence, look for tell-tale signs of movement (such as a step forward or back).
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