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Use this game-exercise-game activity to develop passing skills for all ages of players. You control the intensity to suit the skills of the players. They have to inject the energy.

Use a game to motivate the players to improve their passing, then develop it in an exercise before returning to the game.


Play a normal game of touch rugby, but add in “passing” rules as the players progress. If a rule is broken, it’s a turnover to the other team.

Suggested rules (don’t use all of them!): Call for the ball, follow through to the target, two hands on the ball, pass in front of the receiver, keep the pass off the chest, keep the pass between chest and hip height.

Play for up to 10 minutes.


Move onto passing exercise. Start them slowly, focusing on accuracy. Speed them up as they improve.  Only focus on one key point.  Work on this exercise for four minutes, then return to the game.

  1. The first players runs to the first cone and passes short to the next player.
  2. The second player passes short when he reaches the cone in front of him.

  1. The first player cuts in towards the middle cone to take a pass.
  2. The second player runs out to the wide cone.
  3. The third player passes when he reaches the cone in front of him.

  1. The new middle completes the pass on the cone in front of them.
  2. Ideally the players pass when they are running, but if they have to, they might need to stop on their passing cone.
  3. Change the distances to suit your players.


Return to the game, with the “rule” being the focus of the previous exercise.

Now, you can either play on and introduce more rules or rotate between exercise and game. Run this for no more than 30 minutes in total.


  • Call for the ball.
  • Pass in front of the receiver.
  • Follow through to the target.

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