Give your players a better chance to learn

The more players learn, the more they improve. Learning is about retaining relevant knowledge and then using it in the right context.

Our expectation is that our training sessions will do this. We are probably not that scientific in our approach, though the main thrust of what we do tends to lead to improvements.

Let’s tighten this up with some training ideas and solutions to give our players more opportunities to learn.

First, let me tell me you a story from a training session from last season. It might help you reflect on your own training sessions and work out how to get the best out of your players. It’s called Three reasons why players want real training.

Sometimes you will find you don’t have much room to train, perhaps because lots of other teams are training on the same night. Here are five training solutions for limited space to make sure your players still have a good rugby experience.

In training, you will want to split up to play matches, but more often than not you will find you have odd numbers. I’ve got five solutions too odd team numbers at training to ensure the players gain the most from the games.

Finally, training should be intense. That means you maximise the training time for the players. We have nine ways to do this. Check how many you are doing already and then see if you can add in the rest.

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