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There are over 3,000 different pages of content on this site. Here’s a guide of where to start if you want to solve the following problems:

  1. Just started out as a coach
  2. Need fresh ideas
  3. Coaching young players
  4. Want different training methods
  5. Are keen to explore small-sided games

Plus loads of video content to support your coaching.

1. Just started out as a coach

Your first session? Keep it simple. Play some age-appropriate games to get the session going.

And if you are coaching young players, go to the age group tag from the menu.

2. Need fresh ideas

All our latest activities are produced on the right hand side.

But if you want some for handling, then go to:

Quick-fire skills activity: Sprint passing

Run straight pass blind

Or tackling, then

Tackle low, score high

Rocky and the chicken

Or rucks

Sharp drills: ruck triangles

Ruck decision making like the All Blacks

And if you want some games to try out

Hardcore piggy in the middle

Rocket touch

3. Coaching young players

Our Easi-coach curriculum is a great place to start.

For a guide to coaching under 8s, click here.

For a guide to coaching under 9s, click here.

For a guide to coaching under 10s, click here.

4. Want different training methods

Our team management section has lots of different ideas on how to coaching your team, whatever shape or size they are.

Here are some examples:

Four ways to develop your coaching mojo

Three ways to get them communicating (plus “monkey banana”)

4 simple tips for quick splits

Follow the rule of three to structure your coaching

5. Are keen to explore small-sided games in training

Here are some great small-sided games to help develop skills, teamwork and tactics. And, of course, what player doesn’t love to play games.

Here are some ideas on games and how to include them in your sessions:

How to run a game-sense activity

Going forward at every ruck

Adaptive games: the secret of successful coaches

Small area adaptive games

Or just click on the Rugby Drills tab in the menu and go to small-sided games to see our huge selection.


Our library expands every week…

Click here for the latest videos.

Or try out


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