Fun tackling games: crash tackling and onesies

Work on more physical tackling with “crash tackling” onto tackle mats and “onesies” where the tackler has to take the ball carrier to ground in close quarters. These two games are quite physical but will give the players game-relevant activities to develop their technique under pressure.

Crash tackling

  1. Put a defender in the middle of the crash mats and four numbered attackers around the crash mats
  2. Call the number a player who runs at either mat A (3 and 4) or C (1 and 2)
  3. The tackler can choose to use an aggressive tackle (driving back onto mat A)
  4. A soak-up tackle goes onto mat C

Put a tackler in the middle of the crash mats. Put a player in the four corners. Call out a number. That player runs through the gap in the mats. 1 and 2 aim to get over mat “C”, 3 and 4 mat “A”. The tackler aims to use the right tackle according to the size and speed of the attacker. An aggressive tackle puts the attacker back on the mat behind them, side-on tackle to the side and a soak up tackle behind them.


  1. The attacker and defender start in a press-up position
  2. The attacker and defender start back to back 1m apart
  3. The attacker and defender start back to back, sitting down
  4. The attacker and defender start facing each other 1m apart

Put one attacker and one defender inside the box. They start either facing each other 1m apart, back to back, sitting back to back or in a press up position facing each other. When you shout go, the attacker aims to score over the line beyond the defender.


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