Spin out of contact

U13–U16 | EVASION 4

Get players used to spinning out of the tackle

  1. Mark out an 8m x 4m area with a line at 3m. Put an attacker with a ball in the middle of one end of the area and a defender on one knee at the side of the area by the 3m line.
  2. When you say “go”, the attacker runs forward aiming to make it to the far end of the area and the defender runs in to try and tackle him.

Spin out of contact 1

  1. The attacker must try to spin before he makes contact with the tackler, so that he avoids the tackler and can run on to the end.
  2. The attacker scores 2 points if he makes the far end, and 1 point if he gets over the 3m line. He doubles his score if he uses a spin.
  3. Swap the side that the defender starts from and repeat. Then swap attacker and defender.


Spin out of contact 2

  1. Develop by having two attackers passing the ball between each other in a wider box, with two defenders. When you shout “go”, the attacker with the ball aims to beat the defender in his box, with the other two players running across to support their respective team mates.

Spin out of contact 3

Spinning out of a tackle

You will need

  • An 8m x 4m area
  • 1 ball
  • Cones
  • Bibs

Got more players?

This activity moves quickly, so line up players to come on as attackers and defenders, or run another game alongside.

What to tell your players

“Spin on the pad of the foot behind the big toe”
“Keep the ball away from the defender”

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