Footwork and evasion

How to improve stepping before passing 2

Step and pass in attack

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One of the simplest “weapons” in your attackers’ armoury is the “step and pass”. Here the ball carrier runs toward the defender and, at the last moment before making contact, steps to one side and passes the ball back into the space he has just run from. Meanwhile, a support player is running into the space to receive the ball. MORE

How to improve footwork 3

Pole dancer

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An easy way to enhance footwork and reactions is to use six flag poles – which almost all rugby clubs have. Using the poles, these exercises simply change angles of running and force players to look ahead to see spaces and defenders, just as they would in a match situation. MORE

Fun activities and games to improve evasive skills

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Rugby is both a collision and an evasive sport. Defenders want to collide into attackers. Attackers want to evade defenders. That's why footwork is a core skill for rugby. Skipping through a few ladders might add some agility, but it's best to deal with actual, moving bodies. Sometimes it's just straight-line speed you need. Other times it's lateral or sideways movement. Often it's a bit of both. MORE

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