Mixing the feet

In this simple exercise, combine the main running skills needed to create a fun activity which
gets players thinking, running and competing against each other.

Why use it?

This activity is designed for two players to run against each other while performing rugby-relevant running and evasion tasks.

Set up

A ball each. Eight cones mark out two 10m channels, with five flags/cones marking out a 20m evasion area followed by four ruck pads marking three channels (see picture 1).

Mixing the feet

How to do it

Each player performs a lateral movement inside the first box (see picture 2) before racing through the poles/cones and finally funning to a numbered space called out by you (see picture 3).

  • Section A – A lateral movement exercise over 10m
  • Section B – An evasive running exercise over 20m
  • Section C – A sprint over 10m to a numbered space


  • All activities must be run with the players’ chest facing the ruck pads at the top of the channel at all times.
  • Encourage a head-up style of running.
  • If one player is winning the initial part of the race you can call out a more favourable gap for the losing player.