Evasion triangles

U11–U12 | EVASION 3

Work on your ball carrier’s footwork while they keep both hands on the ball

  1. Use three different coloured cones to mark out a 3m triangle. Put a cone 2m either side of the triangle to form gates. Repeat the set up 5m away so that you have two triangles with side gates facing each other. Put a defender inside one triangle and an attacker with a ball just behind the other, facing him.
  2. When you call out a colour, the attacker runs over that coloured cone in his triangle and then runs through one of the gates either side of the triangle opposite.


Evasion triangles 1

  1. In the meantime, the defender touches the coloured cone in his triangle and then reaches out to try to touch the attacker while keeping one foot inside the triangle.
  2. Repeat until the players have become confident in changing directions and then make the gates beside the triangle a bit smaller, or make the triangle itself a bit bigger.

Evasion triangles 2

  1. Develop by having a supporting player running behind the ball carrier. If the ball carrier is touched, he has two seconds to pass the ball to the supporting player who can run through.

Evasion triangles 3

You will need

  • Two 3m triangles with cone gates
  • 1 ball
  • Cones of three different colours
  • Bibs (optional)

Got more players?

Line up more attackers and defenders and rotate players quickly, or set up more triangles.

What to tell your players

“Two hands on the ball”
“Keep running forward fast”
“Change direction with conviction”

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