Commit and beat defenders

U11–U12 | EVASION 2

Get players committing defenders then changing direction by planting a foot and making a sidestep

  1. Set up a 6m square area with a 3m square box inside it. Position an attacker with a ball on one corner of the 6m area and a defender on an adjacent corner.
  2. When you say “go”, the players run into the 3m square from opposite sides.

Commit and beat defenders 1

  1. The attacker aims to run through the small square, using a sidestep to commit and beat the defender. The defender aims to stop him with a full tackle.
  2. When the players start to anticipate what each other is going to do, mix things up by changing starting points so they come into the box from different angles.
  3. Finally, play a 3v3 in a 15m x 10m box. A feeder passes the ball into the attacking team before they enter the box, with the defending team starting 5m inside the box. Allow offloads but not rucks. The attacking team aims to get over the defenders’ line.

Commit and beat defenders 2

Making a sidestep

You will need

  • A 3m square box within a 6m square area
  • 1 ball
  • Cones
  • Bibs (optional)

Got more players?

A quick drill so lots of players can get through this, but with big numbers set up two boxes

What to tell your players

“Arc towards the defender”
“As the defender sits to make the tackle, step to one side”

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