Changing angles late

U13–U16 | EVASION 3

Get your players to change their line of running to beat defenders

  1. Lay out a line of three tackle tubes (or ruck pads) with a 3m gap between each tube. Divide players into groups of three and position a group 6m behind each tube. The tackle tubes are laid out to simulate a defence. Give a ball to the front player of the end group.
  2. When you say “go” the front players from each group run forward, with the ball carrier passing to the player outside him as he reaches the tackle tube and the second player passing on to the end player.


Changing angles late 1

  1. The end player starts by running straight at the tackle tube, then changes his line at the last moment to the outside of the tube.
  2. Run the activity again, but this time the end player starts angling his run to the outside of the tackle tube before changing late to the inside.

Changing angles late 2

  1. The final step is for the wide player to start by angling in then move to the outside before a late angle in again. This is more relevant to a counter attack from deep with the ball carrier having space in front of him.

Changing angles late 3

You will need

  • 1 ball
  • 3 ruck pads

Got more players?

Add more players to the lines, or set out more tackle tubes and run other games alongside.

What to tell your players

“Make the passes accurate”
“Fix the defender then change your angle”
“Drive off your leg to change direction”

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