Running circuit to improve rugby fitness and speed

Rugby fitness and running circuit

Rugby drill to get players sprinting

Working in matched pairs, in terms of size or position, the players race against each other over 20m. Timing each sprint will give the players a target to improve on.

T-run drill

Set up a "T"-shaped course, as in the diagram above. Players work against the clock, or race each other over five stages.

  • Sprint to the top (1).
  • Sidestep to the end (2).
  • Sidestep across the top (3).
  • Sidestep back to the middle (4).
  • Run backwards to the start (5).

Zig-zag drills

Two players work through a zig-zag course. They face each other, with one player starting off running backwards. At each cone the player running forwards shouts "change". Both players change the direction for the run to the next cone.

20m mixed sprints

  • Set out cones as shown. Players work individually through the course.
  • They sprint to the first cone.
  • Between the second and third cones, they decelerate until they almost stop.
  • At the third cone they accelerate, changing direction at each of the remaining cones.

Catch me if you can drill

Set up a 10m square with two obstacles in the middle. One player sprints round the outside of the square to the opposite corner. The other player sprints through the middle of the square and through the obstacles. The first player to the opposite corner wins.

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