Dodging drill to combine fitness and core rugby skills

There are four key elements of fitness essential for rugby players, these are the “ABCS” of fitness for rugby players:

  • Agility 
  • Balance 
  • Coordination 
  • Speed

Dodging drill

Any form of dodging game in a small area will develop these fitness skills. Such games are excellent as part of a rugby warm-up drill or the basis for a fitness drill session to develop rugby skills as well.

Drill set up

  • In this set up all the players are working all the time. Split them into groups of six and have each group work in a six-metre wide square. In each square randomly spread around poles or markers.
  • The drill is simple. Four attackers have to keep the ball away from the two defenders. Players can move around the square in any direction, passing the ball as often as they wish.
  • The defenders can intercept the rugby pass or catch the player holding the ball, with either a touch, TAG or scrag tackle.
  • None of the attackers or defenders are allowed to touch the poles or markers. If they do, they are penalised by having to run around the square before rejoining the game.


Dodging game to teach fitness and core rugby skills at the same time

Extend the drill

To promote agility with a drill extension, set more challenges. For instance, challenge the attackers to make as many successful passes as they can in a 10, then 20 and then a 30 second period, and the defenders to stop them.

This will liven up the action, ensuring the players work on the key fitness components – agility, balance, coordination and speed.

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