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Fitter teams win more games – it’s as simple as that. Of course, we know that most clubs will not have a fitness trainer or a well-equipped gym.

But there is a lot you can do yourself. Whether you are a player or a coach we have lots of exercises designed specifically to improve your training and get you rugby fit.

The fitness and conditioning drills in this section look at how you can help your players to get fit, stay fit, avoid injury and recover more quickly, take a look to see the impact it can have on your training.

How many times have you seen a close game decided in the last 10 minutes because one team is fit and the other is running out of energy?

Don’t be a part of that losing team! Working on fitness is something every rugby player can do to improve results for their team.

Rugby Training Drills for Players

Rugby Training for Coaches

Want more information on training for rugby fitness?

Take a look at our complete guide to rugby workouts and nutrition, Rocket Rugby.

Or if you’re looking for a quick training boost check out our Rugby FitFiles which allow you to target areas from Flexibility to Strength and Power.

Make average agility training outstanding

in Fitness & Conditioning, Podcast

Rich Clarke, a highly qualified S&C coach, university lecturer and evidence-based trainer, talks us through how we can make simple changes to improve our agility training. He explains how we can use constraints, ensure a specific stimulus and where we might start with less athletic players. MORE

Proper neck warm ups

in Fitness & Conditioning

Coaches need to take precautions with their players’ necks to prevent injury and ensure longer careers. Dr Sally Lark, a sports rehabilitation expert, explains the misconceptions and what you should be doing. Rugby players suffer from poor neck motion compared to other athletes – and forwards are far worse off than backs. That’s the conclusion... MORE

How to improve the players mindset 2

Box-to-box work and play

in Fitness & Conditioning, Practice plans

Training can easily isolate skills without forcing players to change mindsets quickly. This session concentrates on working players hard in one area and then pushing them into decision-making situations. It will improve fitness, communication and organisation. MORE

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