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Fitter teams win more games – it’s as simple as that. Of course, we know that most clubs will not have a fitness trainer or a well-equipped gym. But there is a lot you can do yourself. The fitness and conditioning drills in this section look at how you can help your players to get fit, stay fit, avoid injury and recover more quickly. How many times have you seen a close game decided in the last 10 minutes because one team is fit and the other is running out of energy?

Balanced Running

Balanced running

in Fitness & Conditioning

By Colin Ireland, Physical Education teacher with sixteen years’ experience working for the Scottish Rugby Union Fluid play and keeping the ball alive needs the attacking players to be balanced and in position to offload the ball. The players should become comfortable with carrying the ball in both hands, work on this with this session.... MORE

Sprinting Myths

3 sprinting myths – busted!

in Fitness & Conditioning

From Rugby Coach Weekly All players can run faster and you can help them by steering as far as possible away from these three myths. 1. Knees up Sprinting is about power generated when the foot drives off the ground. That does not come from “high” knees. In fact, making players get their knees up... MORE

Skipping drills and skills

in Fitness & Conditioning

Skipping is a highly versatile basic rugby drill which can benefit rugby players in a variety of ways. It can be used to develop coordination skills, flexibility, agility, speed and both vertical and horizontal power. MORE

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