Drive, recycle, support

There’s no point fixing defenders unless the support is there to take the pass. So use this drill to help players draw and pass after they’ve won a ruck – it will teach them to get back into the game quickly.

This activity will develop your players’ match-time appreciation as they get back into the game and beat defenders.


  1. Put two ruck-pad holders at the start of the 2m channel.
  2. Two attackers, one with a ball, drive into the ruck pads and then recycle and present the ball to a third attacker.


  1. Once the ball is free, the third attacker shouts “clear” and the pad holders retreat.
  2. One runs around the middle cone behind him and the other runs around the back cone, with both then coming into the 8m by 10m box.
  3. In the meantime, the two attackers recycle themselves into the box and take a pass from the third attacker.


  1. The three attackers aim to score at the far end without the carrier being touched by a ruck-pad holder.
  2. The pad holders should aim to impact on the ball carrier even if he has made a pass.


  • Low into the ruck pads and use good leg drive.
  • Back into the game fast.
  • Move the pad holders by running to the edges before passing.
  • Call for the ball.
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