Drive low, drive through

Dominating the contact area will put your team on the front foot. So use this session to get your players into better body positions, so they can drive through contact and still stay on their feet.

Develop players’ ability to maintain a low body position and brace the shoulder girdle when taking the tackle. This will help them drive through contact.

  1. Put a player in a prone position with a ball in front of him.
  2. A ruck-pad holder stands 3m away.

  1. On your command, the prone player gets to his feet, gathers the ball and drives at hip height (and no higher) into the pad holder in front of him.
  2. He drives him back 2m, then returns the ball to its starting point for another player to repeat on your command (run as many players at the same time as you can).

  1. Develop by putting three prone players at one end of a box and three pad holders opposite.
  2. Call out a prone player and roll in a ball.
  3. That player picks up the ball and aims to get to the other side of the box while the pad holders try to stop him.
  4. It will be tough for the ball carrier unless he adopts a low driving position.


  • Sweep to pick up the ball
  • Use short steps to move forward
  • Keep the hips facing up the pitch, with the ball tucked into the hip
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