Don’t make me cross

When catching a kick, the receiver must stay focused on the ball and not be put off by diversions around him. So test your catcher’s concentration and skill by using a distracting “cross runner”.

Ensure a player can catch a high ball despite distractions. Once he has caught the ball, he must be prepared to run and pass.

  1. Put two players on each corner of the box.
  2. One of the eight players has a ball.
  3. The ball carrier kicks towards the middle of the other end of the box, and you call out which player at which corner will come forward to catch the ball.

  1. A player on the other corner runs directly in front of the catcher and past him. This is deliberate.
  2. Once the ball is gathered, both players return to their corner and the exercise is repeated back the other way.

  1. Develop by creating a 2 v 1 after the catch.
  2. The catcher is supported by the second player at the cross runner’s corner (corner A in our example).
  3. A player opposite the kicker’s corner (corner D) advances to become a defender.


  • Eyes on the ball all the time.
  • Elbows in when the ball comes into the body.
  • Reach up and soften the landing of the ball as it comes into the body.
  • Secure the ball first before running forward.
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