Develop the 9 pass under pressure

Your scrum half needs to reach the breakdown quickly and release an accurate pass whilst opponents compete vigorously for the ball. Work on the skill with this three-step exercise.

Make passes under pressure of time and space, and when the ball isn’t presented in a clear way. The 9 must work hard to get to the next breakdown.

  1. Put three tackle tubes on the ground opposite three attackers.
  2. The 9 follows the first attacker to the first tube, and the attacker puts the ball back through his legs.
  3. The 9 immediately passes the ball to the second attacker who repeats the ball presentation. The 9 follows his pass and repeats the pass to the third attacker – again, he follows his pass.
  4. He then passes back in the opposite direction to the second attacker.

  1. Develop with pods of three attackers receiving each pass and setting up a ruck on the tube.

  1. Add groups of two defenders so the 9 will be put under more pressure at the breakdown.


  • Wide base, no back-lift, good follow-through and quick, strong hands to make the pass zip through the air.
  • Arrive at the ruck with a neutral body angle facing forward before opening the body out in the direction of the pass.
  • The receiver shouldn’t have to break stride when taking the pass.
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