The 7 and 10 defensive unit

Work on the connection between the number 7 and number 10 from the side of scrum.

Start with back row players D6, D7, D8 standing as if in a defensive scrum, with D10 5m further back. D9 also forms part of the unit defence. Get A9 to pass to a A10 with A12 in support. A9 passes from where A8 would be. At this point, D7 links up with D10 on his inside to cut off A 10.

If the ball is passed to A12, D7 and D10 move across to cover.

Do the same set up from the tail of a lineout. D10 must be 10m back.

Then go on to do it in team defence with a full complement. Do this from various places on the pitch because D9 will have various roles.


  • Speed of D10 to catch up with D7.
  • D7 to talk with D10 and stay inside him.
  • D10 to stay inside A10’s running channel.
  • D7 to stay in the channel between set piece and A10 to tackle inside players. When there is no threat in that channel, he pushes on to A10.
  • D10 must not go out until D7 tells him.
  • D8 must fill inside D7 and the nearest lock then goes inside D8, etc, to get a full line.
  • D 9 is sweeping just behind this line.
  • D7 must not get isolated.
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