Tackling low and hard

U11–U12 | DEFENCE 1

Get players used to getting the head behind or to the side of the ball carrier when making a tackle

  1. Mark out a 5m x 3m area. Put two attackers on each corner of a short side of the area and a tackler in the middle of the area. Give each attacker a ball.

Tackling low and hard 1

  1. When you say “go”, the first attacker on the right side of the area walks forward and the tackler moves across and puts his ear tight into the attacker’s shorts, at which point he stops walking.

Tackling low and hard 2

  1. Once he has the attacker in a hold, the tackler releases and moves back to the centre of the area. He then repeats with an attacker on the left side of the area. Continue until all four attackers have been tackled, then rotate the players.

Tackling low and hard 2

  1. When the players have got used to getting into the tackle position, you can increase the intensity by adding a points scoring element to the activity: Add 1m channels to either side of the area and if the tackler can drive the attacker into the channel or tackle him to the ground, he scores a point.

Tackling low and hard 3

You will need

  • A 5m x 3m area
  • Balls
  • Cones
  • Bibs (optional)

Got more players?

You can line up more attackers and rotate the tackler frequently, or set up two playing areas.

What to tell your players

“Keep your eyes open in the tackle”
“Get your foot close to ball carrier”
“Get a tight grip”

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