Tackle, up and challenge

U11–U12 | DEFENCE 6

Get players used to getting back on their feet and challenging for the ball after a tackle is made

  1. Set out a line of three cones each 1m apart and another similar line of cones 5m away, forming a channel. Place a single cone 5m behind the end cone of one of the lines
  2. Start with a ball carrier on the middle cone of one of the lines and a defender on the middle cone of the other line. An attacking support player starts on the cone 5m back.
  3. When you say “go”, the ball carrier starts running (or jogging depending on the intensity) and tries to beat the defender and score over the opposite line. At the same time, the support player runs round the middle cone before entering the channel.

Tackle and challenge 1

  1. The defender moves forward and makes the tackle. His aim is to get back to his feet and get his hands on the ball before the support player arrives and touches him.

Tackle up and challenge 2

Getting back on the feet after making a tackle

You will need

  • A 3m wide x 5m long channel of cones with an additional cone 5m away from one corner
  • 1 ball
  • Cones
  • Bibs

Got more players?

With more players, set up several channels (with plenty of space between them).

What to tell your players

“Makes a low tackle”
“Get back to your feet as quickly as possible”
“Get hands on the ball before support arrives”

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