VIDEO: Funnel defence for line speed

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To help your defenders appreciate the value of racing up quickly, give them a hand in training by restricting the space the attack can operate in. Watch our video and then try our simple exercise… MORE

Trapping the winger

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Even the slowest player can tackle a winger in the 5m channel, but only if they get their approach angle right. Once learnt, these skills can be transferred into a wider area to make sure all your players can cover the wings. MORE

How to improve defending through watertight positioning 2

Inside out

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Defending is about stopping the opposition taking the simplest option and making them do something more risky. Generally, the wider the attack, the riskier it is. “Inside out” will help build a defence to cut off the simple close options, making opponents take risks. It’s about trust, organisation and the players knowing their roles. MORE

Use the aggressive 9

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If your scrum half is a good tackler, it’s a waste to place him behind the defensive line. So let him step up – this activity raises the intensity from Develop the front-line 9 by adding a blindside and full-on tackling. MORE

Develop the front-line 9

in Defence, Rugby drills

The scrum-half usually plays a sweeper role. But if your first line of defence is missing a player, he might have to step up to cover. Improve your 9’s defensive decision-making with this activity. MORE

How to improve defending through communication and grouping 2

Line protectors

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Build a team defence ethic by having players defend in threes and fours. This session is far more practical than simple “line, shout and up” type exercises, because during a match there are so many situations to cover. Players will have to cover both narrow and wide spaces, improving their tackling and communication. MORE

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