How to cover overlaps 2

Overlap cover

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When your opponents have extra players in attack and create an overlap, it is crucial your team works hard to scramble back. Players must slide across in defence to cut down the attack’s space and tackle the ball carrier. This session outlines how to implement such an overlap cover. MORE

How to improve wrap up and attacker and increase chances of turnovers 3

Wrap up and turnover

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Wrapping up the ball carrier in a smother tackle stops them passing or presenting the ball on their terms. It also slows the attack down, letting your defence get organised. There is the added opportunity to regain the ball if the tackler can pull the player down and turn them to your side. MORE

Tackle reaction

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Coming in the defensive line at speed needs the players to react to possible changes in angles by attackers or late entry into the line. Use this activity to work on awareness and footwork… Good line speed tends to increase pressure on the attack but it can cause problems for the defenders unless they can react quickly to last moment changes in the attackers. This activity keeps defenders on their toes and moving forward MORE

VIDEO: Funnel defence for line speed

in Defence

To help your defenders appreciate the value of racing up quickly, give them a hand in training by restricting the space the attack can operate in. Watch our video and then try our simple exercise… MORE

Trapping the winger

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Even the slowest player can tackle a winger in the 5m channel, but only if they get their approach angle right. Once learnt, these skills can be transferred into a wider area to make sure all your players can cover the wings. MORE

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