How to promote good feet for the defence 3

Feet for good ‘D’

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Good defensive systems need organisation and communication, and quick line speed. You can only close down effectively with these three elements. For the player it all starts from a good foot position. This session gives the player the right set up to make better decisions when he is defending. MORE

Six Nations’ Lessons: Wales classic multiple 2 v 1...

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Wales scored a magnificent try against England, executing FOUR "2 v 1" situations in quick succession to score a try that started inside their own 22m area. Two attackers against one defender is a classic decision-making training scenario. There are lots of different ways to set it up. Here are four activities which ensure that there are plenty of variations to keep the players focused on using accurate skills under pressure. MORE

Up together 3

Up together

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Defending is not just about stopping the opposition from scoring, it is about trying to regain possession. To achieve that you need a defence that moves forward as a unit and puts the opposition under pressure. “Up together” gives you the tools to develop your defensive organisation so all your players understand their roles in it. MORE

Defending in your own 22

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Your 22m area is the opposition’s team “red zone” and most likely place for them to score points. Use this activity to help your players work harder than the attack and squeeze them out. This activity builds the idea before putting into a game realistic situation. MORE

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