Grapple tackle


Work on the strength of the grip in the tackle so that your tacklers can hold the ball carrier and then use their bodyweight to drag him down

  1. Divide your players into pairs – make one of each pair an attacker and give him a ball. The other player in each pair is the tackler. Put three pairs in the centre of the area.
  2. When you say “go”, each attacker walks towards one of the corners. The tackler has to step into the attacker, grab him around the waist and hold on. The ball carrier then drags the tackler towards the cone.

Grapple tackle 1

  1. If the attacker falls over then give the tackler 2 points. If he makes it to the cone, with the tackler still holding on, give the tackler 1 point.
  2. Rotate the tacklers and repeat. Then swap ball carriers and tacklers.

Grapple tackle 2

  1. Develop by putting two attackers, with balls, in a 1m square box in the middle of a 10m x 5m area. Have a defender just in front of each attacker.
  2. Now the ball carrier has to make it to the try line. The tackler repeats the grabbing exercise, scoring the same points as above.

Grapple tackle 3

Tackling correctly

You will need

  • An 8m square area for the first part of the activity, then a 10m x 5m area with a 1m box for the second part.
  • 1 ball per pair
  • Cones
  • Bibs

Got more players?

Rotate players regularly, or run another game alongside.

What to tell your players

“Get your feet close to touch the player”
“Be light on your feet”

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