Create 2 v 1s from nothing

Help the ball carrier attract defenders and execute 2 v 1s. The player runs out, then in, then out, in an S-shape to draw one if not two defenders.

The S-shape run pushes and pulls defenders out of position. By fixing the defender and then running at the gap between the defenders, it will force a defender out of the line and potentially create a gap.

  1. Mark out an S shape with cones.
  2. Have a player run, take a pass, go through the S shape and then deliver a pass at the end. Have the support player run on the outside.
  3. Develop with the support player running on the inside.

  1. Put three attackers and two defenders about 10m apart.
  2. Put a feeder at the side about halfway between them.
  3. Have the feeder pass to the middle attacker, who uses the S shape run to attack between the defenders.
  4. Depending on where the defenders go, he passes inside or outside.

  1. Put three defenders on the middle line and one defender on the back line.
  2. Have four attackers aim to score at the far end. If the ball carrier is touched then stop, and swap the defence for the attack for another attempt.
  3. The defender at the back can only come forward once the attack has crossed the middle line, the defenders in the middle only once the attack has moved into the box.


  • Run hard at the gap.
  • Be square when making the pass.
  • Arc, not step – keep the pace up.
  • Keep both hands on the ball.
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