Tackling confidence


Get your players used to tackling side-on with either shoulder

  1. Split your players into pairs, give them a ball and get them working on a “halfway” tackle. This means that the tackle starts halfway through, with the tackler already in position with his shoulder on the ball carrier. The tackler then drives the carrier to the ground to complete the tackle.

Making a halfway tackle

  1. When the players are confident with the halfway tackle, make one in each pair a defender and the other an attacker. Give the attacker a ball.
  2. Put the defender in a 6m x 4m area that has left- and right-hand gates as entry points. The attacker starts from outside the area and jogs into it on either the left- or right-hand side. The tackler moves across to make a side-on tackle. Increase the speed and intensity as the players’ confidence increases.


Tackling confidence 1

  1. Finally, group your players in fives. Two defenders work together to defend first a gain line and then a try line 2m behind. Give three attackers a ball each and position them about 3m from the defenders. Call one of them forward at a time to try and break through the defenders and score. They get one point for getting over the gain line and two points for crossing the try line.

Tackling confidence 2

You will need

  • A 6m x 4m area with two cone gates on one side
  • 1 ball per pair of players
  • Cones
  • Bibs (optional)

Got more players?

Get as many pairs working on halfway tackling as possible, as long as you have enough balls.

What to tell your players

“Make impact with the shoulder first”
“Get a strong grip”
“Get in close before making the tackle”

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