Rugby drill to get players taking contact and winning the advantage

What you tell your players this rugby drill session is about

1. Taking contact aggressively to win the advantage.

2. Presenting the ball so the opposition cannot disrupt possession.

Key points to think about in the rugby drill

What is meant by a “power step?"

The power step is the final step taken by the ball carrier before hitting contact. He gets low by dropping his hips and takes a big step with the aim of knocking the tackler back.

What other things have to happen to ensure you win quick clean ball?

The support players have to arrive quickly and use their clear out skills dynamically. The scrum half has to arrive and pass the ball away before the opposition can further disrupt the ball.

What happens if the ball carrier doesn’t place the ball back?

This makes it easier for the opposition to step over and steal or slow down the ball.

What you tell your players to do in this rugby drill

1. Win the hit in contact and knock the defender back.

2. Go to ground only when the support arrives.

3. Get the ball back towards your team.

What you get your players to do in the drill

  • Work attackers in pairs against a defender with a ruck pad.
  • The ball carrier starts two metres away from the pad.
  • He accelerates and takes a big step as he hits the pad.
  • He then takes short steps and fights to stay on his feet.

Rugby drill to get players powering into contact

  • When the ball carrier goes to ground he gets his body between the opposition and the ball and places the ball back.
  • The second attacker steps over and drives the pad back.

Rugby drill to get players practising controlled placement

What to call out in this rugby drill

  • “Power your step into contact.”
  • “Fight to stay on your feet.”
  • “Get your body between the ball and the opposition.”
  • “Stretch out and place the ball.”

Develop rugby drill skills

1. Add a second defender with a ruck pad. Now the second attacker has to pick up the ball and drive into the second pad. The first attacker has to get up quickly and act as scrum half.

2. Remove the ruck pads and have live defenders.

How to advance the rugby drill

Put the rugby drill into a game situation

  • Play full contact rugby between two equal teams on a wide pitch.
  • The defending team can’t compete for the ball after a tackle.
  • The ball carrier presents the ball and a team-mate has to ruck over before the ball can be passed.
  • The ball is turned over after a try or if there is a knock on.
  • Next allow the tackler only to compete for the ball once he is back on his feet.
  • Finally move to a normal game.

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