Rugby drill to get players spinning out of a tackle

But that’s not to say it’s a skill for the youth game only. At all levels of rugby coaching, spinning out of tackles is a highly effective way of getting away from defenders, or at least making tackles less effective.

Footwork skills

Footwork is vital to running with the ball and spinning away from tackles. One of the main benefits of tag rugby is that it encourages players to use footwork to beat defenders. So when you’re coaching a tag rugby session, get your backs running with the ball and evading tackles only by spinning away.

Rugby spin drills

Spinning out of tackles involves a complex pattern of footwork. So why not include the drills as part of your rugby drills warm-up session, so your players can practise the spin as much as possible?

For instance, players can jog out to a line of cones, then spin through 360 degrees and accelerate away in a straight line. Make sure your players work on their spinning skills both ways, repeatedly.

Rugby drill to get players practising spinning away from tackles

The key element in executing this rugby skill is timing and this can only be developed in live rugby drills and game situations. A good rugby drill to work on these skills is a simple one-on-one with the ball carrier wearing tags. The ball carrier has to spin past the defender without the defender grabbing one of their Tags.

If you need a new approach to your rugby skills work, then check out the Coaching Rugby manual, which includes more than 100 drills and games for coaching all the basics.

Click here for a rugby coaching drill to get your players using hit and spin skills. 

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