Dynamic ball placement

in Contact, Rugby drills

Good ball placement is non-negotiable. It reduces the risk of a turnover, allows the next players to clear threats quickly and enables the 9 to clear the ball fast. Use this activity to get it spot on. MORE

3 ways to stop a ball poacher

in Contact, Rugby drills

The best way to stop an opponent stealing your ball is to beat him to the breakdown. But if you do lose the race, use one of these three techniques to thwart him – in and out, scissoring or breaking the pane. We don't endorse the "croc roll" where the player is rolled out. MORE

Don’t squeeze it, post it – quickly!

in Attack, Contact, Practice plans

Your team needs a range of tactics to improve the presentation of the ball at the point of contact. One method, which should not be confused with squeeze ball, is posting the ball between the legs during the contact, with other players clearing out defenders. It should provide quick ball, with the defence on the back foot. MORE

The “Y” drill

in Contact

Create good ball placement habits after footwork with this great warm-up exercise. It is a key part of the contact core series. MORE

CORE SKILLS: Power through contact

in Contact

Emphasise the right footwork and body height through the contact area. It will allow better ball retention and more chances to maintain continuity. As a ball carrier approaches a defender he wants to keep the ball away from the grasping hands that prevent offloads and slow down placement. I want to look at footwork and... MORE

Take, step, fend, offload

in Contact

Quick ball manipulation allows players to keep the ball free in contact. Then, they can offload it to support players, who are confident they can take a pass from the ball carrier. If the ball carrier half breaks a tackle, he is in a position to offload. Support runners need to run the right lines to support this pass. He also needs to fend off with his inside arm to free up the outside arm. MORE

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