Buying time in contact

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Keep moving low, with the ball tucked away from the opposition, when under pressure in contact. It allows time for your support players to get to you, especially if you use the squeeze ball technique. MORE

how to rip deep and flat 2

Rip, deep and flat

in Attack, Contact, Practice plans

To play a dynamic game, skills have to be executed accurately and effectively. This session focuses on getting the ball away from a contact situation while it is off the ground, and passing it to a receiver to lead the next attack. The key is to be quick and efficient. MORE

How to protect the ball in isolation 2

Up against it

in Contact, Practice plans

Isolated players are a hazard for teams with attacking ambition. You need to make sure any isolated player, particularly when faced with two defenders, is going to give you quick possession. “Up against it” develops the techniques and skills for ball carriers so they can keep possession until support can arrive and secure the ball. MORE

How to improve going forward and supporting 2


in Attack, Contact, Practice plans

Players love simple targets. Not just simple targets to achieve, but simple targets to understand like moving the ball from one end of a box to another. That’s why they will enjoy “blast”. It works on the ball carrier and his support making progress up the field whilst a defender attempts to prevent their progress. This expands into a match situation where the “blast” might be used. MORE

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