off the ground 2

Off the ground

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Offloading out of contact is “risk and reward” rugby. It maintains continuity and might get your attack behind the defence. Offloading the ball out of the tackle while still on your feet is often the quickest option, but the offload off the ground can be just as effective. The support runner can then attack the space where the tackler was. MORE

Three to win 1

Three to win

in Contact, Practice plans

Whoever is closest to the tackled ball carrier must be prepared to clear away threats. As a general policy, it should take two players to ensure the best and quickest ball, unless the ball carrier has become completely isolated. It requires awareness and communication, which develops from simulating the game situations. MORE

How to turn slow ball into quick ball 3

Turbo ball

in Attack, Contact, Practice plans

Turn slow ball into quick ball using a technique called “turbo ball”. In essence, instead of the ball carrier going forward on his own a support player binds on to him and together they drive into contact. MORE

How to improve chasing the kick off 3

Squeeze the receivers

in Contact, Kicking & Catching, Practice plans

A good chase from a kick off can put pressure on the opposition at a crucial moment in the game. Either from the start of a half or when your team has gone a score down, you can squeeze the opposition into a narrow area with few options to break out. This session works on that tactic. MORE

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