Making secure contact

Set up

A 5m box.

What you get your players to do

Have a ball carrier stand at one corner of the box and a defender at the other corner. Have the ball carrier walk towards diagonally across the box.

The defender has to stop him driving over that corner. He cannot tackle him to ground though. He can do this by driving him back or ripping the ball out of the attackers’ grasp. Go for 5-10 seconds and then swap roles.

Look for

The ball carrier should have two hands on the ball but keep the ball away from the defender.

The ball carrier should take short steps in contact.

The lower the player, the more likely he will win the driving contest.

If the defender turns the ball carrier, the ball carrier will find it more difficult to drive forward.


Add another support player who helps drive on the ball carrier.

Allow the tackler to put the ball carrier on the ground.

Allow the ball carrier to run forward.


You can run several groups at once, indifferent boxes.

Corner to corner means the ball carrier cannot deviate too much from his line of run.

Try making the players go from end to end and see the difference.