MAC attack – Metres after contact

Set up (see picture 1)

Four tackle shields.

Cones and/or ruck pads.

4 balls.

What you get your players to do

Each gap in the bags is given a number either 1, 2 or 3 (see picture 1). On your call (in our example gap 1), the first ball carrier runs into the correct channel and through the tackle shield space in front of him. As the ball carrier comes through the shields, the defender tackles him (see picture 2).

Look for

Low body position through the bags. Evasive action taken by the ball carrieror to manage the contact in a way that can allow offloads / passing out the tackle.


1. Two defenders and one attacker -judge if the ball carrier can maintain his body position effectively in “heavy”contact.

2. Two defenders and two attackers – what does the second attacker do in relation to the actions of the defence (go in, stay out look for offload, secure possession or drive off the 2nd defender – see picture 3)?

3. 3 v 3 and you can build the numbers up allowing you to use larger numbers for the session.


Hold the defender back until after the ball carrier gets through the shields. Then allow the ball carrier less and less time to make post-contact judgments.