Contact warm-up drill for large groups of children


A 10m square. 4 players in each box. Ensure players of equal size are grouped together.

What you get your players to do

Each player in the box numbers themselves from 1 – 4 (picture 1). Once decided, players run around their box until the you call a number – let’s say “3” as in picture 2. Player 3 stands still with his hands in the air. Players 1, 2 and 4 must then bind onto each other making a circle around number 3. You shout “GO” and player 3 has five seconds to get out of the circle. If successful, great. If unsuccessful, players 1, 2 and 4 lie down and player 3 must DRAG them out of the square in 20 seconds (picture3). You then ask them to run around again and the process begins once more.

Look for

Tight binds from the players making the circle. Ensure the circle is really tight at the waist – it is too easy for the player in the middle to get out otherwise.


The group can pass a ball while waiting for your call. Once a number is called, the player stands with the ball in the air. He has to get out of the circle with the ball and score a try on any of the box lines within five seconds.


If players are warmed up correctly they become much more receptive to the coaching. Their initial “chilled” bodies will soon heat up and they will be physically and mentally prepared for the next stage of your session.

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