Catch and drive

U13–U16 | CONTACT 3

Get players creating a driving maul from their own lineout

  1. Start with a pod of three players – one player (the catcher) has the ball and the supporters bind on making sure they have their feet, shoulders, hips and arms in the right places (see diagram, right).
  2. Once players are comfortable getting into the correct positions, add a fourth player to the pod plus a thrower, then set out three different coloured cones along the touchline at 10m intervals. Put a ball next to each cone.

Binding in a mall

  • When you call out a colour, here “Red”, the players run to that cone and line up for a line out, with the lifters/ support players (S) either side of the jumper/catcher (J) and 4 at the back acting as the ripper.

Catch and drive 1

  • The thrower throws the ball for J to catch and J is sealed off by both support players who drive forward. At the same time, 4 comes round the back and gets in position behind the maul, ready to rip the ball.

Catch and drive 2

  • Progress to a full lineout with two more players (5 and 6) binding on to 4 once he has the ball.

Catch and drive 3

You will need

  • Balls
  • Coloured cones

Got more players?

Run several lineout pods simultaneously.

What to tell your players

“Bind in front of the jumper”
“Keep your feet in line and drive forward”
“Get round the maul quickly to rip the ball”

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