Box rucks

Use “box rucks” to create different challenges for players to react to. In each case, the players can readjust to the situation to make a difference to secure the ball.

As players arrive at a ruck, they need to identify real threats and clear them, rather than just piling in. Keep quizzing the players on how they could adjust their lines and entry points.

  1. Place three pairs of players back-to-back in the middle of the edge of each square.
  2. You stand in front of the pairs and throw the ball to one of the players facing you.
  3. He turns and attacks through the square, whilst his partner turns to tackle him. The other pairs join in to win the ruck.
  4. Move one or two of the pairs further into the squares, to change the angles.
  5. Add a defender and attacker to one of the edges to create a different scenario.
  6. Throw the ball over the pairs into the squares.

  1. Place two teams of four in the middle of the grid. They stand still.
  2. You move to one of the boxes and call out a player from each side.
  3. They run to the box, one receives a ball and the other tries to tackle him.
  4. You then release the other players.
  5. The game finishes when the ball goes out of the grids, or a ruck lasts for more than five seconds.


  • Identify and take out threats.
  • The arriving player should drive in and up, over the ball.
  • Ideally, the attacking rucker gets his shoulders under the shoulders of his opposite man.
  • Dip the hips before contact, even if the player has to slow down.
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